Hamilton Residential

Waatea indicates a quiet and welcoming place where people can untangle their fishing line of life, before resuming fishing and living a satisfying life again. It is a community based residential rehabilitation service with a strong recovery focus serving people who are experiencing mental ill health.

Waatea is delivered by a partnership between Connect and Health Waikato. We have a mix of staff including Support Workers, Registered Mental Health Professional and staff with their own experience of mental ill health. This means that treatment, rehabilitation and support are delivered by one integrated team.

In keeping with its name, Waatea offers a place where people can feel that they:

  • Are free to build trusting and empowering relationships
  • Have a home that is welcoming and safe
  • Have freedom, can make choices and can work on practical, emotional and social skills at a pace that feels comfortable for them
  • Be supported to set goals and work towards living satisfying lives of their choice

What we do

We provide opportunities for people to flourish in environments that promote independence and autonomy
Our support includes staffing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Waatea also aligns its recovery and rehabilitation practice with that of peer facilitation – the sharing of personal journeys from people who have lived experience of mental ill health in a way that inspires hope, promotes growth and general wellbeing

Waatea embraces both the vision and mission statements of ConnectSR which state:

In partnership towards healthy communities AND People living satisfying lives of their choice

  • We activate the relationships that awhi (foster, cherish and support the development of) people that aid recovery. This includes engaging family and whanau in your process.
  • We provide tailored and timely opportunities for change – developing readiness, planning and actively making changes – because we understand that people are at different stages in their journey towards wellness and well being.
  • Everyone is respected as an individual during group and peer learning and development opportunities.
  • We create open, honest, authentic and respectful communication. The atmosphere is inclusive with no single cultural emphasis.
  • Above all we actively support individuals in their recovery

Who can stay at Waatea?

Anyone who is supported by a community mental health team who wants to partner with us to reach their goals.

Connect Supporting Recovery Inc.

Connect has provided community mental health services since 1993. We have been in Hamilton since 2009.
Connect Supporting Recovery Inc has been gifted the whakatauake Tama Tū Tama Ora which can be interpreted as Standing Together In Wellness.