Helping people experiencing mental ill health and alcohol and substance abuse issues move forward

What is the Poutama Programme?

Poutama is a successful residential house, graduate house and community outreach development course based in Te Atatu South, West Auckland.

How does it work?

  • We activate the relationships that awhi (foster, cherish and support the development of) people that aid recovery. This includes engaging family and whanau in your process.
  • We provide tailored and timely opportunities for change – developing readiness, planning and actively making changes – because we understand that people are at different stages in their journey towards wellness and well being.
  • Everyone is respected as an individual during group and peer learning and development opportunities.
  • We create open, honest, authentic and respectful communication. The atmosphere is inclusive with no single cultural emphasis.
  • We work alongside mental health services, alcohol and drug rehabilitation services, other NGOs, culturally specific services and communities.
  • Our philosophy is of ‘harm reduction’ and we maintain supportive long-term relationships with those who have completed the Poutama Programme.

How do I join the Poutama Programme?

You can join the Poutama Programme through Waitemata District Health Board Adult Mental Health Services.