Helping people, teams and organisations move successfully through change.

Who we are

Changeability is a unique consultancy service, which supports organisations to deliver successful and cost effective change by increasing engagement and productivity, anticipating problems and effectively targeting management resources. Changeability is a social enterprise set up by Connect Supporting Recovery to generate income to allow Connect to increase community wellbeing.

What we do

Change processes often fail due to the lack of engagement from key people. When faced with continual or significant change in the workplace, employees experience a variety of practical and emotional roadblocks, which often result in resistance to change.
Changeability focuses on assessing and meeting the needs of individuals, teams and organisations as they experience change in role, structure, process and technology. Individuals develop personal action plans increasing their motivation, engagement and active participation in the change, and the organisation receives a comprehensive report, which includes recommendations for next steps in the change.  This saves money, time and stress, and make sure that resources are effective, and increase staff satisfaction.

Our Model

The Changeability approach is based on a solid foundation of over 30 years global research on how people move through change and 20 years of practice-based evidence within NZ. Combined, these create a practical and proven approach to building resiliency and moving through change positively, effectively and successfully.

Want to Know More About Us?

For more information about ways to achieve successful change visit the Changeability website