Beach Haven

An empowering residential rehabilitation service for those experiencing mental ill health

A supportive residential community where people with mental ill health can work on the practical, emotional and social skills that will help them live a fulfilling life within the community.

How it works

Beach Haven is for those who would benefit from high levels of complex support. Most people stay with us for between six months and one year. Our flexible support includes having staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What we do

  • We activate the relationships that awhi (foster, cherish and support the development of) people that aid recovery. This includes engaging family and whanau in your process.
  • We provide tailored and timely opportunities for change – developing readiness, planning and actively making changes – because we understand that people are at different stages in their journey towards wellness and well being.
  • Everyone is respected as an individual during group and peer learning and development opportunities.
  • We create open, honest, authentic and respectful communication. The atmosphere is inclusive with no single cultural emphasis.
  • Above all we actively support individuals in their recovery.

Who can stay at Beach Haven?

Anyone who is supported by a community mental health team who wants to partner with us to reach their goals.