We passionately believe that everyone who experiences mental health or addiction issues deserves, and is capable of, sustainable recovery with the right support.
We tirelessly assist people to develop real skills and resources to overcome the barriers to their recovery.
We are seeing it, we are living it and we are supporting recovery – relentlessly trusting in the desire, skills and approach of our staff and service users to achieve it together.
We uncompromisingly advocate that everyone deserves respect, hope, equality, and the freedom to take positive control of their own life.
We consistently solve hard problems, meeting the needs of people too often left behind by the system, through innovative and effective service models in community driven mental health and addiction intervention.
We will remain firmly in the service of people experiencing mental health or addiction issues, especially those with the greatest need.
We will increasingly find ways to support individuals, whanau and communities access help earlier.
We will create a culture of high performance and effective leadership, thereby ensuring that all staff and service users positively thrive, advance and revel in our environment.
Our intrinsically linked values will guide behaviours, actions and decisions, each one complementing, balancing and uniting the others.

Doing the right thing – Kia Pono
Keeping it real – Kia Tika
Whatever it takes – Kia Aroha
Being all you can – Kia Tuwhera

2016 Annual Report